Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) Body Count Breakdown

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Prince Nuada (Luke Goss): 20
Wink (Brian Steele): 6
Princess Nuala (Anna Walton): 2


First Strike: 4
-Prince Nuada beheads a security guard
-Wink kills 2 guards
-Nuada attaches some sort of parasite to the auctioneer’s face, killing him

Investigation: 3
-Agents Steele and Marble, as well as a third unnamed agent are eaten alive by tooth fairies

Declaring War: 17
-Nuada slices and dices 13 royal guards
-Wink kills 3 royal guards
-Nuada stabs the elf king

Troll Market: 1
-Wink accidentally kills himself while fighting Hellboy

The Last Elemental: 1
-The forest elemental smashes a helicopter with a thrown car, killing the pilot

Breaking In: 4
-Nuada kills 4 guards

Final Showdown: 2
-Princess Nuala kills herself, which causes Prince Nuada to die as well


-Many people were killed by the tooth fairies in the opening scene, but there were too many to get an accurate count of
-There are also some animated kills in the opening credits, but they are also not counted
-Hellboy punches two different trolls, and he may have killed them, but this is never confirmed
-Hellboy also kills the forest elemental, but I didn’t count it, because it wasn’t human enough to count as a kill