The Tale of Zatôichi Continues (1962) Body Count Breakdown

The Tale of Zatôichi Continues [Zatôichi 2] (1962) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Zatôichi (Shintarô Katsu): 24
Nagisa no Yoshiro (Tomisaburo Wakayama): 8


Robbery: 7
-Yoshiro kills 7 swordsmen

Attempted Assassination: 3
-Zatôichi kills 3 attackers

Beach: 2
-Zatôichi kills 2 swordsmen

Forest: 1
-Yoshiro kills the man who was following him

Attack: 16
-Zatôichi takes down 16 of Kanbei’s men

Brothers: 1
-Yoshiro dies from the wounds inflicted by Zatôichi

Revenge: 2
-Zatôichi kills Kanbei and 1 of his men (It cuts away to the credits before they fall to the ground, but the hits were both lethal)