The Beastmaster (1982) Body Count Breakdown

The Beastmaster (1982) Body Count by Kooshmeister


Dar (Marc Singer): 36
Kiri (Tanya Roberts): 7
Maax (Rip Torn): 2
Seth (John Amos): 1
Young Dar’s Father (Ben Hammer): 1
Witchwoman (Janet DeMay): 1
Winged Creature Leader (Daniel Zormeier): 1


Fanatic: 2
-2 Jun priests hang themselves as a sign of their devotion to Maax

The Royal Bedchamber: 1
-One of Maax’s witchwomen tranfers the unborn Dar from his mother, the queen, into a bull; the queen dies as a result

Saving Baby Dar: 1
-Dar’s adoptive father saves his infant son from the witchwoman by pushing her into the fire where she explodes

Bear Attack: 1
-Tils is killed by a bear

Jun Attack: 11
-Dar’s father is cut down by the attacking Juns
-A woman is slashed by a Jun warrior
-A Jun warrior kills one of Dar’s friends
-A man is killed by a Jun
-Dar impales a Jun with his own arrow
-Another man is seen killed by a Jun
-We see the body of a villager
-A man is slashed upside the head by a Jun
-A man falls to his death from the top of a house for unclear reasons
-A Jun warrior slashes another person
-We see the body of a villager

The Aftermath: 32
-We see the bodies of 29 villagers impaled on stakes
-3 more villagers are shown lying on the ground (I guess the Juns ran out of stakes)

Meeting Ru: 5
-Dar kills a Jun warrior with his father’s capir
-Dar uses a man as a human shield so that the second Jun warrior accidentally shoots him with his crossbow
-Dar kills a man with his sword
-The third poacher is mauled to death by Ru

Lair of the Winged Creatures: 1
-The creature leader engulfs a man in his wings and devours him

Child Sacrifice: 1
-Maax throws a little boy into a fire pit

Bring Me This Master of the Beasts: 2
-Ru kills the Jun priest wearing the eyeball ring
-Seth knocks the second Jun priest into a pit with Ru, where the tiger kills him

Rescuing Kiri: 5
-Dar kills 2 Jun priests
-Kiri kicks 3 Jun Priests into the water while they’re tied to an anchor, and they drown

Sneaking into the Pyramid: 10
-The Death Guard goes berserk and kills 2 Jun priests
-Ru kills a Jun priest
-Dar kills the second witchwoman
-The Death Guard kills 6 Jun priests
-Dar’s eagle attacks the Death Guard, who falls down a gorge

Escaping the City: 4
-Kiri kills a guard with a shuriken
-3 Death Guards are crushed by the closing gate

Fight to the Top!: 7
-Dar kills 2 guards
-Ru kills 1 guard
-Dar kills 2 Jun priests
-Maax kills King Zed
-One of Dar’s ferrets, Kodo, bites Maax who falls into the fire pit

Jun Attack: 47
-Jun warriors shoot 3 men with their crossbows
-We see 2 men fall from the city wall, apparently hit with arrows
-Kiri sets a Jun warrior on fire
-Dar then kicks the burning Jun into the tar-filled moat, setting off a roaring fire that kills 22 Juns
-Dar kills 2 Jun warriors
-Kiri kills 2 Jun warriors
-Dar kills the Jun leader by hurling him into the flaming moat
-The winged creatures eat 14 Jun warriors


-Dar cremates the bodies of all of the dead villagers, including his father, but there were way too many to count. Definitely more than the 42 shown killed or dead in the earlier attack and aftermath scene.
-When Dar is rescuing Ru the panther, his pet eagle attacks the second Jun warrior and claws at his head; the Jun falls off his horse but it isn’t clear if he’s killed.
-We see many corpses impaled on stakes outside of the city, but since, unlike the villagers, they weren’t killed in an event that happened onscreen I didn’t count them.
-When rescuing Kiri there are 6 Jun priests however we see only 2 killed by Dar, and 3 captured and subsequently killed by Kiri. The sixth one just disappears.
-Many more Juns were probably killed in the fiery moat and even more by the winged creatures, but I only counted the ones I saw.