North By Northwest (1959) Body Count Breakdown

North By Northwest (1959) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant): 1
Valerian (Adam Williams): 1


United Nations: 1
-Valerian kills the real Lester Townsend by flinging a knife into his back

Crop-Dusted: 2
-A biplane attempting to strafe Roger crashes into a fuel tanker, killing the pilot and gunner

Mt. Rushmore: 2
-Roger shoves Valerian off of a cliff
-Leonard is shot by a police sergeant and falls to his death


NOTE: In the script, the gunner in the biplane was Licht, Vandamm’s third goon, however any shots depicting actor Robert Ellenstein in the role were either never filmed or filmed and then removed, as the plane’s gunner is completely anonymous.