Yes, Madam (1985) Body Count Breakdown

Yes, Madam [Police Assassins / Huang Jia Shi Jie] (1985) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Inspector Ng (Michelle Yeoh) – 7
Inspector Carrie Morris (Cynthia Rothrock) – 2
Asprin (Hoi Mang) – 2
The Assasin (Kwan-sing Kwok) – 2
Mad Dog (Fat Chung) – 1


Robbery – 4
-Robber shoots 1 security guard
-Ng shoots 3 robbers

Penthouse – 1
-The Assasin shoots Richard

Meeting – 1
-Mad Dog drowns 1 of his own

Home Assault – 1
-Assasin shoots Panadol

Mansion – 7
-Ng shoots gasoline tank blowing up lucky thug
-Ng shoots 2 thugs
-Morris shoots 1 thug
-Morris knocks 1 thug off a tall balcony
-Ng throws Mad Dog on top of a glass fountain and he gets shredded all over his body
-Aspirin shoots the Assasin

Arrest – 1
-Aspirin shoots Tin in public


-Ng blows away the fourth robber’s hand but he probably survived.
-The Assasin smashes a passerby’s head through a glass panel in the bar scene but he probably lived.
-Panadol causes 3 thugs to fall off his apartment’s balcony but we didn’t see the impact, also being played for comic effect they probably lived.
-Ng and Morris beats up a massive amount of bad guys.