Wonder Seven (1994) Body Count Breakdown

Wonder Seven [7 Jin Gong] (1994) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009

[Character Kills]

Qi/Jeffrey (Li Ning): 18
Ying (Michelle Yeoh): 16
Tit/Steelbar (Roger Kwok): 12
Tsun (Ho Chin): 8
Tiny Archer (Hilary Tsui): 7
Fatty (Kent Cheng): 6
Ho Seong/Shaolin Monk (Xin Xin Xiong): 5
Colonel Yim (Wong Kam Kwong): 5
Chiu Yan/Superman (Andy Hui Chi-On): 2
The Hitman (N/A): 2
Long/Dragon (Vincent Lau): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Robbery: 2
-Robbers blows up police car killing 2 cops

Dragon Festival: 4
-Jeff stabs Yang Hsiung
-Jeff shoots 1 cop
-Triads shoots 2 cops

Drug Dealing: 1
-Jeff shoots the dealer

Stadium: 2
-The Hitman shoots Chief and 1 bodyguard

Hospital: 6
-Jeff stabs 1 cop with a fork
-Jeff shoots 1 cop and 2 attendants
-Tit stabs 1 assasin
-Chiu Yan stabs 1 assasin with the spokes of a wheelchair

Clubhouse: 1
-Jeff shoots 1 innocent woman

Meeting: 1
-Jeff shoots 1 of his associates

Junkyard: 6
-Tit shoots 1 triad
-Archer shoots 1 triad
-Chiu Yan shoots 1 triad
-2 other triads shot
-Jeff causes a stack of cars to collapse on and crush Chiu Yan, killing him

Temple: 1
-Jeff shoots 1 monk

Docks: 6
-Tit cuts down 3 triads
-Fatty snaps 1 triad’s neck
-Archer shoots 2 triads

Game On: 19
-Tsun shoots 6 triads
-Fatty shoots 1 triad
-Ying shoots 10 triads
-Tit shoots 2 triads

The Big Shootout: 39
-Yim shoots 3 triads
-Cops shoots 3 triads
-Ying shoots 5 triads
-Tit shoots 4 triads
-Ho shoots 1 triad
-Fatty shoots 1 triad
-Tsun shoots 1 triad
-Archer shoots 1 triad
-Ho shoots 3 triads
-Tsun shoots 2 triads
-Fatty shoots 3 triads
-Archer shoots 3 triads
-1 triad crushed by the gap of an elevator
-Ying, Tit, Fatty, Ho, Archer and Tsun shoots the Hitman at the same time. All 6 gets 1 kill
-Jeff shoots 7 cops
-Jeff dies when his chopper crashes

[The Unconfirmed And Uncounted]

-In the opening Tit throws a hammer at a robber hitting his head, but he survives.
-In the docks scene 1 triad was thrown into the water but we didn’t see him drown.
-The Wonder Seven beats up a massive amount of bad guys.

[The Final Tally = 88]