The Touch (2002) Body Count Breakdown

The Touch [The Martial Touch] (2002) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Pak Yin Fay (Michelle Yeoh) – 2
Eric (Ben Chaplin) – 1
Kahl (Richard Roxburgh) – 1
Pak Yeuk Tong (Brandon Chang) – 1


Villa – 1
-Kahl stabs 1 of his own men

Temple – 1
-Kahl’s henchmen stabs the Monk of Du Huang

Destiny Awaits – 7
-Yeuk kicks 1 henchman onto a collapsing pillar, he falls into lava
-Eric throws 1 henchman into lava
-Yin kicks 1 henchman into the path of a flaming arrow
-Yin tackles 1 more henchman to the front of an arrow launcher causing him to be impaled by several arrows
-Yeuk knocks 1 henchman into lava
-Lily is hit by flaming arrows, she fell into lava
-Kahl is nailed by several arrows and he fell into the lava