Force 10 From Navarone (1978) Body Count Breakdown

Force 10 From Navarone (1978) Body Count Breakdown by Kooshmeister


Staff Sergeant Dusty Miller (Edward Fox): 16
Marko (Petar Buntic): 13
Lieutenant Colonel Mike Barnsby (Harrison Ford): 4
Sergeant Weaver (Carl Weathers): 4
Captain Lescovar / Nicolai (Franco Nero): 4
Maritza Petrovich (Barbara Bach): 3
Major Keith Mallory (Robert Shaw): 1
Sergeant Bauer (Michael Sheard): 1


Midair Mayhem: 10
-1 Force Ten member is shot
-Oberstein is killed by flying shards of glass
-Rogers, Salvone and Blake and 4 other Force Ten members are shot
-Miller’s bomb blows up the plane, killing 1 German fighter pilot who is caught in the explosion

Unfriendly Welcome: 1
-Weaver kills a German with a knife

Digging for Penicillin: 3
-Maritza shoots 3 German soldiers

Followed: 2
-Barnsby shoots the 2 Chetnik soldiers wearing bandages (who are in reality disguised Partisans although Barnsby isn’t aware of it)

Prison Break: 10
-Sergeant Bauer shoots Reynolds
-Barnsby shoots Bauer in revenge
-Lescovar shoots the 2 chained-up SS officers and the Gestapo agent
-Weaver shoots 2 German soldiers
-Marko shoots 1 German soldier
-Mallory shoots 1 German soldier
-A German soldier accidentally shoots Major Schroeder
-Lescovar shoots the German who killed Schroeder

Incurable Showoff: 14
-Miller’s bomb explodes killing 14 Chetnik soldiers

Airdrop Gone Wrong: 20

-Lescovar shoots Maritza when she discovers he is Nicolai
-The German fighters strafe and/or bomb 19 Partisan soldiers (Lescovar later says “20 lives lost,” including Maritza)

Convoy Ambush: 1
-A wire strung across the road decapitates a German officer

Marko’s Sacrifice: 13
-Marko shoots Sergeant Bismark and 11 German soldiers
-A German shoots Marko before dying

Discovering Nicolai: 1

-Barnsby shoots Lescovar after Mallory outs him as Nicolai

Heavy-Duty Dog Doo: 1
-Miller’s plastic explosive, disguised as dog droppings, blows up a truck, killing the German driver (other unseen Germans were likely killed as well)

Drazak’s End: 1
-Weaver kills Drazak with his own knife

Battle on the Bridge: 2
-The Partisans shoot 2 German soldiers


-I didn’t include the scores of people seen killed in reused footage showing the destruction of the gun cave during the recap at the beginning.
-Due to the low-budget model work there are no people visible on the bridge when it collapses; thus we have to assume all the surviving Germans got off of it in time.