Mutant Chronicles (2008): Body Count Breakdown

Mutant Chronicles (2008): Body Count by Rorschach94


Corporal Juba Kim Wu (Tom Wu): 24
Lieutenant Maximilian Von Steiner (Benno Furmann): 22
Severian (Anna Walton): 22
Major Mitch Hunter (Thomas Jane): 17
Corporal Valerie Duval (Devon Aoki): 15
Corporal Jesus de Barrera (Luis Echegaray): 14
Captain Nathanial Rooker (Sean Pertwee): 13
Brother Samuel (Ron Perlman): 7


Opening Battle Sequence: 62
-1 soldier blown up
-1 soldier dies from previous wounds
-1 soldier’s corpse seen
-5 tanks blown up, at least 6 people seen boarding each one, + a pilot for each 1 = 35 kills
-10 soldiers killed (Shot or blown up)
-3 soldiers killed by poisonous gas
-1 soldier shot through face
-Hunter kills 1 soldier
-7 more soldiers killed (Shot or blown up)
-Captain Rooker kills 1 soldier

Mutants Arrive: 39

-Mutants kill 2 soldiers
-2 additional bodies shown
-Mutants kill 3 more soldiers
-1 body shown in the water, 3 other bodies shown in the field
-Mutants kill 14 more soldiers
-Soldiers kill 2 mutants
-Hunter kills 1 mutant
-Captain Rooker kills 11 mutants

The City: 47

-1 mutant killed by soldiers
-8 soldiers killed by mutants
-3 people shot by soldiers
-Ship crashes, killing the 5 people shown inside, + the pilot and copilot
-The crashing ship crushes at least 27 people

Monastery: 1

-Severian kills 1 mutant

Airship Crash: 8
-Gunman/copilot killed by mutants
-2 coal shovelers are killed by burning coal
-3 people shown being burnt alive in the main hull
-The pilot dies in the crash
-Captain McGuire is mortally wounded and kills himself with a grenade

City Ruins: 2
-Corrupt soldier kills 1 civilian
-Hunter kills 1 corrupt soldier

Elevator Shaft: 45

-Hunter kills 1 mutant (By lighting it on fire and slicing it’s head off)
-Corporal Wu kills 11 mutants
-Hunter kills 8 mutants
-Corporal Barrera kills 3 mutants
-Steiner kills 6 mutants
-Barrera kills 2 more mutants
-Corporal Duval kills 1 mutant
-Corporal Wu stabs 1 mutant in the elavator
-Corporal Wu causes the elevator to crash, killing himself and 6 mutants
-Wu releases grenade, killing 5 more mutants

Old Friends: 7
-Hunter kills 1 mutant
-Hunter kills Captain Rooker
-5 soldier solider corpses definatley seen
-Dozens of others shown being dragged away, but it was impossible to see who was alive and who was dead

Things Go Wrong: 40

-Steiner kills 9 mutants
-Duval kills 2 mutants
-Barrera kills 5 mutants
-Brother Samuel kills 5 mutants
-Severian kills 7 mutants
-Barrera accidentally blows up himself and 3 mutants, all counted as his kills
-Severian kills 6 more mutants
-Samuel kills 1 more mutant
-Hunter kills 1 mutant

The Core: 34
-1 soldier corpse seen
-Severian blows up 1 mutant
-Steiner kills himself and 7 mutants
-Valerie kills 11 mutants
-Severian kills 7 mutants
-2 mutants killed by rotating fire bridge
-Valerie killed by mutants
-Brother Samuel mutant kills Severian
-Hunter shoots 1 mutant
-Hunter kills Brother Samuel mutant


As mentioned earlier, there were dozens more soldiers being dragged away, but it was impossible to tell if they were dead or alive, as Captain Rooker was still alive. There were also tons of other deaths in the city airship crash, but you could only see the 5 inside. Constantine was also killed, but it was offscreen, so it can’t be counted as a kill. Most of the world’s population is also wiped out by the mutant plague.

[THE FINAL TALLY = 285] (155 Humans, 130 Mutants)