Infernal Affairs II (2003) Body Count Breakdown

Infernal Affairs II [Mou Gaan Dou II] (2003) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Lau Kin-Ming (Edison Chen) – 1
Sam (Eric Tsang) – 3
Ngai Wing Hau (Francis Ng) – 1
Inspector Wong Chi Shing (Anthony Wong Chau-Sang) – 1
Law (Roy Cheung) – 3


Chinese Opera – 1
-Lau shoots Uncle Kwan

Death of the Big Four – 9
-1 triad boss incinerated
-Bald henchman shoots 1 triad boss
-Female fatale strangles/suffocates 1 triad boss
-Foreign detective buried alive
-Sam shoots Sonny and 2 triads
-2 dead triads seen killed by Sam’s men

Giving Chances – 4
-Law shoots 3 captives
-Hau shoots Law

Carpark – 1
-Luk blown up by car bomb

Kai Tak Airport – 1
-Mary Hon run over by Ngai’s men

Yacht – 1
-Sam’s men kills Thai boss

Ngai’s House – 1
-1 of Hau’s bodyguard seen dead stabbed through the chest

Arrest – 1
-Wong shoots Hau

Aftermath – 5
-5 of Ngai’s family members seen executed on photographs


-Rest of Ngai’s family massacred offscreen.
-A triad senior mentioned to have been killed in gang war/riot at the start.
-Yan beats up a guy with a crowbar.