Magnum Force (1973): Body Count Breakdown

Magnum Force (1973) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Officer Alan “Red” Astrachan (Kip Niven): 11
Inspector Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood): 10
Officer John Davis (David Soul): 7
Officer Michael Grimes (Robert Urich): 4
Inspector Earlington “Early” Smith (Felton Perry): 1
Officer Philip Sweet (Tim Matheson): 1
Frank Palancio (Tony Giorgio): 1
JJ Wilson (Albert Popwell): 1


Traffic Stop: 4
-Grimes shoots Gino
-Grimes shoots Ricca’s bodyguard
-Grimes shoot Weinstein
-Grimes shoots Ricca

Airport: 1
-Harry shoots 1 thug on the plane

Pool Party: 11
-Astrachan shoots 11 thugs and strippers

Pharmacy: 3
-Harry shoots 2 thugs
-Early shoots 1 thug

Car: 1
-Wilson pours drain cleaner down the prostitute’s throat, killing her

Road: 1
-Sweet shoots Wilson

“A certain sense of style”: 3
-3 other bodies shown covered by cloth

Penthouse: 5
-Davis shoots Guzman’s bodyguard
-Davis shoots Guzman
-Davis shoots the 2 clients
-Davis shoots Charlie McCoy

Warehouse: 7
-Palancio shoots Sweet through the front door
-Harry shoots 1 thug in the office
-Davis shoots Nickie
-Davis shoots 1 thug
-Harry shoots another thug on the staircase
-Harry shoots a car’s driver, causing it to crash
-Harry jumps on Palancio’s car, causing him to crash into a crane

Apartment: 1
-Early is blown up by a bomb placed in his mailbox by the traffic cops

Aircraft Carrier: 3
-Harry runs down Grimes
-Harry repeatedly chops Astrachan’s throat, killing him
-Davis accidentally flies off the carrier into the ocean

“Man’s got to know his limitations”: 1
-Briggs is blown up in the car by a bomb placed by Harry