Liu zhi qin mo [Deadful Melody] (1994) Bodycount Breakdown

Liu zhi qin mo [Deadful Melody] (1994) Body Count by luvmetender009


Snow (Brigitte Lin) – 170 kills
Lui Lun (Yuen Biao) – 1 kill
Snow’s Father (Siu Wing Sun) – 14 kills
Ha Ching-Fa “The Witch” (Cheng Song) – 2 kills
Lui Lun’s Master (Chan Lung) – 4 kills
Master Ghost (Lam Wai) – 7 kills


A Painful Flashback – 16
-Fa decapitates the elder senior
-Snow’s father vapourizes 14 thugs with the power of the magic lyre
-Snow’s mother is impaled by Fa’s whip

Bamboo Forest – 5
-Lun slashes 1 thug across the face
-Lun’s Master cuts down 3 thugs
-Lun’s Master impales 1 thug on a bamboo stick

“I’ll tell my dad on you!!!” – 1
-Snow eliminates Hon Ping offscreen (we see his decapitated head later)

Temple Ruins – 1
-Snow hits 1 of Master Ghost’s accolytes in the gut, crushing his insides

Price of Failure – 1
-Master Ghost kills 1 of his own, by squeezing his life-force out of him

Master Six-Finger’s Villa – 11
-The corpses of Master Six-FInger and 8 of his followers seen in front of the villa’s gate
-Snow vanquish Master Hon with an energy blast delivered from the magic lyre
-Lun’s father dies of his injuries (who wounded him is unseen, nor is it made clear)

Funeral Parlour – 1
-The parlour’s guard is seen dead, killed offscreen by Snow

Night Battle – 11
-Snow knocks off 2 elites’ head by kicking at them (!)
-Snow decapitates 2 more elites with her qi
-Snow hits 1 elite in the gut, crushing his insides
-Master Ghost, acquiring the lyre, uses it, only to backfire and accidentally kill 6 of his own elites

“So you’ve come back to be killed”? – 1
-Snow decapitates Master Tung Fong Pak by deflecting the lyre’s strings at him

True Power of the Lyre/Final Battle – 160
-Snow vanquishes 4 female elites with her qi
-Snow seals the arena’s gates and releases the power of the magic lyre, causing several massive qi explosions that wipes out 154 thugs (!!!)
-Snow inflicts a deadly blow on Master Ghost with the lyre’s magic powers, blowing him up
-Snow does the same to Ching-Fa destroying her as well


-Lui Lun beats up plenty, but none of his physical beatings looked fatal.
-Snow’s father is knocked out in the flashback and heavily implied as dead later on, but we never see his demise.
-Snow incapacitates Master Fire, but didn’t finish him off and he survives past the end.