Lethal Weapon [Director’s Cut] (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Lethal Weapon [Director’s Cut] (1987) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Kooshmeister)


Sgt. Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson): 16
Sgt. Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover): 5
Mr. Joshua (Gary Busey): 5


Christmas: 1
-Amanda Hunsaker, while under the influence, leaps off a balcony to her death

School Shooting: 1
-Riggs shoots a lunatic who was shooting at children

Christmas Tree Lot: 2
-1 drug dealer is accidentally shot by one of his buddies
-Riggs shoots the dealer who killed his friend

Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless: 1
-Riggs shoots the drug dealer and he falls into the pool and drowns

Busting Dixie: 1
-Dixie is blown up in her house from a bomb placed by Joshua

Taking Hunsaker Out: 1
-Joshua snipes Michael Hunsaker

Dry Lake: 5
-Murtaugh shoots 1 mercenary
-Riggs snipes 2 mercenaries
-Riggs snipes the limo driver
-Riggs snipes another mercenary and he falls off the limo

“There’s no more heroes left in the world”: 5
-Riggs breaks Endo’s neck with his legs
-Riggs breaks 1 mercenary’s neck
-Riggs forces Mr. Larch to shoot 1 mercenary
-Riggs then shoots Mr. Larch with his own gun
-Riggs shoots 1 mercenary and he falls off a catwalk

Club: 5
-Riggs shoots 3 mercenaries
-Murtaugh shoots 1 mercenary
-Joshua shoots a patron

“No way you live!”: 2
-Murtaugh shoots McAllister’s driver
-McAllister loses control of the car thanks to Murtaugh, causing him to crash and set off the grenades inside the car, blowing McAllister up

Final Fight: 3
-Joshua shoots 2 cops
-Riggs and Murtaugh both shoot Mr. Joshua together


-There’s a police officer lying on the ground at the school, but dialogue suggests that he could still be alive.
-Rianne’s boyfriend is mentioned as having been killed.