Legionnaire (1998): Body Count Breakdown

Legionnaire (1998): Body Count by luvmetender009


Mackintosh “Mac” (Nicholas Farrell) – 21
Alain Lefevre (Jean-Claude Van Damme) – 13
Luther (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje) – 9
Sgt. Steinkampf (Steven Berkoff) – 3
Lucien Galgani (Jim Carter) – 1
Guido Rosetti (Daniel Caltagirone) – 1
Julot (Joe Montana) – 2


Allley – 2
-Galgani shoots Alain’s friend
-Alain shoots Galgani’s brother

Gorge – 38

-Raiders shoots 12 legionnaires
-Mac shoots 12 raiders
-Alain shoots 3 raiders
-Legionnaires shoots 7 raiders
-Luther shoots 1 raider
-Legionnaire captain shot by raiders
-Guido shoots 1 raider
-Guido shot by raiders

Desert – 27
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-Mac shoots 2 raiders
-Legionnaires shoots 7 raiders
-Alain shoot 1 raider
-Julot shoots 2 raiders
-Julot shot and killed by raiders
-Sergeant Shef shoots 1 Morrocan
-Luther shoots 8 raiders with Lewis gun
-Legionnares in fort shoots 3 raiders

Siege – 24
-Alain shoots 2 raiders
-Legionnaires blows up 4 raiders with mortar
-Raiders blows up 3 legionnaires with explosive sack
-Mac shoots 2 raiders
-Raiders blows up 1 more legionnaire
-A sergeant is shot
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-3 legionnaires seen on a staircase before it was blown up
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-1 legionnaire sergeant blown up
-2 legionnaires near mortars blown up, 1 corpse seen nearby

Last Battle – 94
-Alain mercy kills Luther
-Raiders blows up 7 legionnaires with Howitzers
-5 legionnaires blown up in long shot
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen on top of fort
-9 more legionnaires blown up by Howitzers
-4 dead legionnaires seen in front of fort
-7 raiders shot, at least 1 by Mac (since he’s firing in the same row with other legionnaires)
-Mac shoots 1 more raider
-4 legionnaires shot
-4 legionnaires blown up
-2 raiders shot
-Alain shoots 2 raiders
-2 more legionnaires blown up
-Mac shoots 1 raider
-3 legionnaire corpses seen (long shot)
-Raiders shoots 2 legionnaires
-Magin shoots 2 raiders before being stabbed to death
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-8 legionnaires seen on a collapsing platform
-Legionnaires shoots 2 raiders
-1 legionnaire’s corpse seen
-Raiders shoots 1 legionnaire
-Alain shoots 1 raider
-Raiders blows up 2 legionnaires
-Sergeant Steinkampf shoots 3 raiders
-1 legionnaire on an archway blown up
-Sergeant Steinkampf stabbed
-Raiders cuts down 6 legionnaires
-9 mangled corpses seen
-Mac shoots then legion commander
-Mac shoots himself, off-screen


-50 thousand Legionnaire troops are mentioned to have been killed in the desert by Sergeant Steinkampf.