Law Abiding Citizen (2009): Body Count Breakdown

Law Abiding Citizen (2009): Body Count by BodyCountMan


Clyde Shelton-(Gerard Butler) 12
Nick Rice-(Jamie Foxx) 1
Clarence Darby-(Christian Stolte) 2


Opening Attack: 2
Darby-stabs and rapes Clyde wife
Darby-kills Clyde daughter off screen

Ames Death: 1
Clyde-riggs Ames lethal injection so he will die a painful death

Darby’s Death: 1
Clyde-dismembers Darby off screen

iPod Of Death: 1
Clyde-stabs his cellmate to death

Buried Alive: 1
Clyde-Reynolds runs out of air

The Meeting: 1
Clyde-riggs Judge Burch cellphone and he shoots her in the head

Car Bombing: 6
Clyde-blows Sarah and 5 other up

GraveYard: 2
Clyde-shoots Guard
Clyde-blows up Jonas

The Final Showdown: 1
Nick-blows Clyde up whit his own bomb in his cell