Last Man Standing (1996) Bodycount Breakdown

Last Man Standing (1996) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Det. Kurt Bellmore (Jeff Wincott): 18
Lt. Darnell Seagrove (Steve Eastin): 6
Lucretia (Ava Fabian): 4
Mathers (Fred Doumani Jr): 3
Capt. Demayo (Michael Greene): 2
“Snake” Underwood (Jonathan Fuller): 2
Det. Frank ‘Doc’ Kane (Jonathan Banks): 2
Killjoy (Frank H. Conn): 2
Bob (Sam Shamshak): 1


Car Chase: 3
-Lucretia blows up a cop car with a planted bomb, killing the 2 cops inside
-Another car crashes into the cop car and blows up (Lucretia’s kill)

Hotel: 6
-One of Snake’s henchmen shoots the hotel manager and 1 of his friends
-Kurt shoots 2 henchmen
-Doc shoots 2 henchmen

Factory: 6
-Kurt breaks a henchman’s neck
-Kurt kicks a henchman in the back of the head, shattering his skull
-Henchmen grenade launch a cop car, killing a cop nearby
-Darnell shoots 1 henchman
-Seagrove shoots Doc and the henchman holding him hostage

Armored Car Chase: 3
-Lucretia’s explosions cause a cop car to crash, killing the 2 cops inside
-A car randomly crashes, killing the driver

Parking Garage: 2
-Kurt shoots the first corrupt cop
-Kurt shoots the second corrupt cop with dual pistols

Club: 5
-Kurt kicks a henchman in the head, shattering his skull
-Kurt shoots 4 henchmen

Mansion: 8
-Mathers shoot 3 henchmen
-Seagrove shoots 2 henchmen
-A henchman shoots Mathers
-Seagrove shoots the henchman who shot Mathers
-Snake runs down 1 of his own men

Studio: 6
-Kurt shoots 3 henchmen
-Kurt and Annabella shoot 1 henchman together
-Kurt shoots Lucretia
-Kurt shoots 1 more henchman

Ensuing Chase: 1
-Snake drives up a ramp and crashes into the water where he drowns

Train Station Shoot-Out: 6
-Seagrove shoots Kazz
-Killjoy shoots Blue
-Bob shoots DeMayo
-DeMayo shoots 2 henchmen
-Killjoy machine guns 1 henchman

Payback: 1
-Kurt throws Seagrove on the train tracks, causing him to get electrocuted and run over by the oncoming train


-Kurt knocks out several people throughout the film but didn’t kill them