Hulk (2003) Body Count Breakdown

Hulk (2003) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


David Banner (Nick Nolte/Paul Kersey): 2 (1 by Nolte, 1 by Kersey)
Glenn Talbot (Josh Lucas): 1


“Do you really believe that I am separate from you?”: 1
David uses his powers to slam a machine onto a security guard, crushing him

The Truth Flashback: 1
Young David unintentionally stabs Edith with a kitchen knife

“So long, big boy”: 1
Talbot fires a grenade at The Hulk’s chest and it ricochets off of it, causing it to hit a wall and detonate, unintentionally blowing himself up

Final Fight: 1
A fighter jet pilot fires a Gamma Charge Bomb at David (in his liquid form) and The Hulk, blowing up David


-The Hulk kicks a couch at an MP but is revealed to be only injured
-The Hulk throws an MP at Talbot but is revealed to be only injured
-The Hulk throws a tank into air and onto the ground but the crewmen inside survived
-The Hulk damages some tanks but the crewmen survive
-The Hulk punches a crashed helicopter but the pilot survives
-The Hulk causes a helicopter to crash but the pilots survive
-The Hulk kills 3 of David’s mutated dogs but since they’re animals and are CGI, they don’t count
-Bruce/The Hulk survives the Gamma Charge Bomb explosion
-A frog explodes