House Of The Dead (2003) Body Count Breakdown

House Of The Dead (2003) Body Count Breakdown by Eggimann


Captain Kirk (Jürgen Prochnow): 42, 2 of them shared
Casper (Ellie Cornell): 24
Rudy (Jonathan Cherry): 26
Simon (Tyron Leitso): 21
Alicia (Ona Grauer): 17
Karma (Enuka Okuma): 16
Liberty (Kira Clavell): 4
Castillo (David Palffy): 3
Cynthia (Sonya Salomaa): 1


The House Of The Dead: 2
2 teenagers killed by zombies

Rave: 2
Zombie Cynthia breaks Hughs neck
Casper shoots Cynthia in the head

Boat: 9
Kirk shoots 9 zombies

To the boat: 2
Casper shoots 2 zombies

Run away from the boat!: 17
Casper shoots 6 zombies
Kirk shoots a zombie
Rudy kills a zombie with an Axe
Kirk shoots 7 zombies
Liberty stabs a zombie
Casper shoots a zombie twice in the head

Flashback: 1
Castillo strangles the ships captain with a chain

Greg´s death: 3
Casper shoots 2 zombies
Greg is killed by the zombies

Big Shootout: 91
Kirk shoots 7
Kirk kills 6 with machete
Casper shoots 7
Casper throws a grenade and kills 4 zombies
Casper shoots a zombiefied McGivers
Alicia shoots 7
Alicia blows up a well, killing 5 zombie
Alicia throws a grenade and kills 3 zombies
Liberty shoots 3
Rudy shoots 15
Simon shoots 12
Simon and Kirk shoots 2 zombies, they shoot at the same time, shared kill
Karma shoots 11
Karma throws an axe into a zombie
4 shot by unknown
An explosion kills a zombie
Liberty is killed by the zombies
A grenade blows up killing at least one zombie

Lab: 3
3 severed heads seen

Kirk´s Death: 11

Kirk blows up himself, Zombie Salish and 8 zombies
Alisha shoots a zombie

Simon says BOOM!: 7
Simon blows up himself and 6 zombies

Tunnels: 11
Rudy shoots 4 zombies
Karma shoots 4 zombies
Rudy kills a zombie with an axe
Karma killed by zombies
Castillo kills a zombie

Castillo´s flashback: 1
Castillo is seen holding a severed head

Final Showdown: 6
Rudy blows up 5 zombies
Alicia crushes Castillo´s severed head.


Everyone at the rave is probably dead, but because most of them were probably turned to zombies i didn’t count any.
Casper gets her legs chopped off and dies, however she appears in the sequel. No, there’s no explanation in it how the fuck she survived seeing as the house her “corpse” was in was blown up. I guess she just stood up and walked out.
Also Alicia is stabbed in the chest and it is implied Rudy infects her with the disease, doesn’t really matter as they both die in the sequel.