Hot Fuzz (2007) Bodycount Breakdown

Hot Fuzz (2007): Body count by arinieistheboss


Nicolas Angel (Simon Pegg)=2
Simon Skinner (Timothy Dalton)=2


Meet Sergeant Nicolas Angel: 1
-Nicolas shoots a drug dealor off-screen

There’s been an accident: 2
-Skinner axes Martin Blower
-another member of the council axes Eve Draper

I think someone needs to go home: 1
-Skinner hits George merchant over the head with a pipe then blows him up

Church fate: 1
-a council member pushes spiked part of the roof which lands on Tim Messanger

Your saying this wasn’t an accident: 1

-a council member stabs miss Tiller with her own sheers

The horrible truth: 11
-3 gypsy bodies seen
-4 teenagers bodies seen
-Arthur Webley’s body seen
-Peter Cockers’ body seen
-another body seen
-Living statues body seen

“You know what you are a bloody busybody!”: 1
-Nicolas kicks a bin into Tom Weber which causes him to fall on the mine and blows him up


Danny’s mum’s grave is seen and it is mentioned that she commited suicide
A dog’s body is seen
Loads of people get injured during the final shootout but not killed as they were all seen going to jail