From Dusk till Dawn (1996) Bodycount Breakdown

From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by gregg)


Kate Fuller (Juliette Lewis): 37
Danny (Cristos Pappas): 25
Manny (Mike Moroff): 25
Sex Machine (Tom Savini): 17
Jacob Fuller (Harvey Keitel): 12
Seth Gecko (George Clooney): 8
Frost (Fred Williamson): 6
Scott Fuller (Ernest Liu): 5
Richie Gecko (Quentin Tarantino): 3
Emilio (Ernest Garcia): 2
Razor Charlie (Danny Trejo): 1
Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek): 1
Chet Pussy (Cheech Marin): 1


Liquor Store: 2
-Richie shoots McGraw
-Seth and Richie shoot Pete after he’s set on fire

Motel: 1
-Gloria shown dead, raped and killed by Richie

Bar: 78
-Santanico kills Richie
-Vampires kill (minimum) 38 patrons
-Chet kills 1 patron
-Kate shoves her cross necklace down Chet’s throat, killing him
-Frost impales 4 vampires on a table
-Razor Charlie tears 1 patron’s arm off, leaving him to bleed to death
-Sex Machine impales 1 vampire
-7 vampires shown dead behind pool table, killed by Sex Machine
-Sex Machine impales Charlie
-Seth shoots a chandieler, bringing it down on Santanico
-Emilio breaks 2 patrons’ necks
-Sex Machine stabs Emilio’s heart with a pencil, killing him
-Jacob imaples 1 vampire
-Frost stabs 1 vampire
-Sex Machine impales another vampire
-Seth impales 1 vampire
-The 3 band members blow themselves up
-Seth impales vampire Richie
-Sex Machine impales 6 more vampires
-Frost sets 1 vampire on fire
-Kate impales 1 vampire
-Seth shoots 1 vampire while escaping
-Jacob shoots 2 vampires with a shotgun/cross combo

“Kill ’em all!”: 59

-Scott throws a balloon filled with holy water on 1 vampire
-Kate shoots 4 vampires with a crossbow
-Seth impales 2 vampires with a drill
-Jacob shoots 3 vampires
-Scott sets 2 vampires on fire with holy water
-Kate shoots another vampire
-Jacob shoots another vampire
-Scott throws a holy water balloon on another vampire
-Kate blows up vampire Sex Machine
-Jacob shoots 2 vampires through Frost
-Jacob blows up 2 vampires
-Jacob impales vampire Frost
-Scott blows vampire Jacob’s head apart
-Seth impales another vampire
-Kate blows up Scott and 4 vampires
-3 vampires burned by the sun
-Kate shoots out holes in the walls, exposing 3 vampires to the sun and burning them
-Danny and Manny shoot out holes in the front doors, exposing 4 vampires to the sun and burning them
-21 vampires are exposed to light from the disco ball and the exposed sun caused by Kate, Danny, and Manny, burning them all up


-1 civilian named Vogel, 4 Texas police officers, and 3 Texas rangers are mentioned dead in the news broadcast, as well as 2 other cops beforehand.