Flight Of Fury (2007): Body Count Breakdown

Flight Of Fury (2007): Body Count by BodyCountMan


John Sands-(Steven Seagal) 21
Rojar-(Alki David) 12
Jessica-(Ciera Payton) 5
Ratcher-(Steve Toussaint) 2
Eliana-(Katie Jones) 1


The Escape: 1
John-stabs a doctor

Gas Station Massacre: 5
-a robber shoots the cashier
John-shoots 3 robbers
John-throws a kife into a robber’s neck

Ambush: 9

-the Soldiers shoot 6 of Stone’s men
-Stone’s men shoot 2 of the Soldiers
Eliana-shoots one of the Soldiers

Ambush: 2
John-shoots a guy
John-stabs a guy

Town: 1
John-stabs a guy

I Know You Want My Papers: 3
John-cuts a guy’s throat
John-breaks a guy’s neck whit a gun
Jessica-stabs a guy

The Chase: 2
Rojar-shoots to guys

The Rescue: 34
John-shoots 4 guys
Rojar-stabs a guy
John-shoots 2 more guys
Jessica-shoots Eliana
Ratcher-shoots Stone and one of Stone’s men
Rojar-shoots 4 men
John-throws a throwing weapon in too a guy and cuts a guy’s throat
Jessica-slashes a guy
Jessica-slashes another guy
John-slashes 2 guys
Jessica-slashes a guy
Rojar-shoots 3 more guys
Rojar-blows himself up and another guy
Jannick and 6 other guys get blowed up

The Final Showdown: 1
John-blows Ratcher up