Flaming Brothers (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Flaming Brothers (1987): Body Count by luvmetender009


Alan Chen Wai-Lun (Alan Tang) – 38
Chang Ho-Tien (Chow Yun Fat) – 17
Kao (Yin Tse) – 1


Nightclub – 8
-Lun shoots Hsu and 4 triads
-Tien shoots 3 triads

Thailand Arms Deal – 11
-Lun shoots 3 Thai gangsters
-Thai gangsters kills 5 arms dealers
-Arms dealers kills 2 Thai gangsters
-Arms dealers’ boss kills 1 That gangster

Street Chase – 5
-Lun shoots 1 Thai gangster hanging to back of taxi
-Arms dealers kills 4 Thai gangsters

Docks Battle – 34

-1 triad in truck shot
-2 triads shot from inside the truck
-1 triad in the truck is shot and falls out
-1 corpse seen, leaning against a fence when rival triads’ reinforcements arrives
-18 triads shot, or seen dead
-Lun shoots 7 triads
-Car with 3 triads on board overturns, blows up and kills everyone in it
-Jenny bleeds to death from wounds caused by stray bullet

Punishment – 1
-Lui’s son shot by triads

Stable – 23
-Lun shoots 10 triads
-1 triad used as a human shield, killed by his own colleagues
-Lun smash 1 triad’s head, killing him
-Triads kills another 1 of their own
-Lun shoots 2 more triads
-Triads kills 1 more of their own
-Tien shoots 6 triads
-Tien runs over 1 triad

Brothers Unite!!!! – 16
-Lun shoots 9 triads
-Tien shoots 7 triads

Final Standofff – 4
-Ko kills Inspector Lo
-Lun, Tin, Ko, all 3 executed by police


A propane tank attached to a forklife explodes, knocking over several triads but all of them seemed to have survived the blast.