Death Wish 3 Killcount and Body Count Breakdown

Death Wish 3 (1985)

Starring Charles Bronson

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Bronson kills 54

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Death Wish 3 (1985) Body Count Breakdown Redo by Japeth321 (previously done by ASHPD24)

[Character Kills]

Paul Kersey (Charles Bronson): 54
Manny Fraker (Gavan O’Herlihy): 9
Lt. Richard Shriker (Ed Lauter): 5
Tulio (Tony Britts): 4
The Giggler (Kirk Taylor): 2
Hermosa (Alex Winter): 1
Rodriguez (Joseph Gonzalez): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

“Charley?”: 1
Hermosa, Tulio, and The Giggler beat Charley to death

Leader of the Pack: 1
Fraker stabs a thug in the throat with his pocket knife

“It’s my car!”: 2
Paul shoots 2 would-be car thieves

Territories: 1
A rivaling gang member is killed offscreen with an axe by 1 of Fraker’s thugs

Lying in Wait: 1
Fraker, Tulio, The Giggler and another thug rape and kill Maria offscreen

“They killed the Giggler!”: 1
Paul shoots The Giggler in the back as he runs away

Roof Fight: 2
Paul chops a thug in the throat, killing him
Paul throws a thug off the roof

“It’s your wife. She’s dying”: 1
Emil’s wife is seen with her throat cut by Fraker

Retribution: 2
Fraker and Tulio push Kathryn’s car into incoming traffic with her in and it explodes, killing her and another driver

The War Zone: 52
Paul mows down 20 thugs with his machine gun
Paul shoots 5 thugs in a car
A civilian is set on fire and shot by thugs
Paul shoots 4 thugs
A civilian jumps off a burning apartment building to his death
A cop is shot by thugs
2 thugs are shot by cops
Paul shoots 3 would-be rapists
Fraker and his gang gun down 2 cops
4 thugs are shot by neighborhood residents
Fraker shoots 2 civilians set on fire
Another thug is shot by a cop
A thug is killed by Paul’s knife-board trap (Paul’s kill)
Rodriguez shoots Tulio out of a window
Paul shoots 4 more thugs

“I owe you that one, dude!”: 17
Shriker shoots Hermosa, saving Paul
Paul shoots 6 thugs
Shriker shoots 2 thugs
Paul finishes off a thug
Shriker shoots a thug on a motorcycle
Shriker shoots a thug off a roof
Paul shoots a thug in a tree
An apartment resident blows away a thug with a shotgun
Paul shoots 3 more thugs

Bulletproof: 1
Paul blows Fraker out of his apartment with a rocket launcher

[The Final Tally= 82]