Last Man Standing (1996) Body Count

Last Man Standing (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


John Smith (Bruce Willis): 31
Hickey (Christopher Walken): 7
Joe Monday (William Sanderson): 1


Opening a.k.a. Establishing a Reputation: 1
Smith blows away Finn

Coitus Interuptus: 2
Smith shoots 2 Irish hitmen

Convoy Betrayal: 4
Mexican police shoot 4 Irish thugs

Mexico: 5
Hickey shoots Captain Ramirez
Hickey shoots 3 of Ramirez’s bodyguards
Hickey shoots the border patrol officer

Exchange: 1
Hickey shoots 1 Italian thug

Safehouse: 8
Smith shoots 7 Irish thugs
Smith shoots the thug holding Felina

Barn: 2
Smith shoots Jacko
Jacko accidentally shoots his partner in his death spasms

Roadhouse: 19
3 Italian thugs burned in roadhouse
2 thugs are shot in firefight
Hickey shoots Strozzi
Giorgio is gunned down by the Irish thugs
12 dead bodies shown afterwards

Rescue: 17
Smith shoots 16 Irish thugs
Smith shoots McCool

Roadhouse Redux: 3
Joe shoots Doyle
Smith shoots Deputy Bob
Smith shoots Hickey


There might have been more people inside the roadhouse when it burned, but I counted only the number shown onscreen.