Blood Diamond (2006) Body Count Breakdown

Blood Diamond (2006) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio): 20
Dia Vandy (Kagiso Kuypers): 4
Colonel Coetzee (Arnold Vosloo): 2
Captain Poison (David Harewood): 2
Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou): 1


Village Raid: 17
-RUF rebels shoot 16 villagers
-Captain Poison and another rebel shoot 1 villager who tried to escape

Mining Camp: 7
-Captain Poison shoots a man who tried to steal the diamonds
-3 rebels are blown up by an African soldier’s grenade
-African soldiers shoot 3 rebels

Training: 1

-Dia shoots a civilian

Assault on Freetown: 134
-Rebels mow down 27 civilians
-Rebels shoot 3 soldiers
-Rebels blow up 7 soldiers with RPGs
-Archer shoots 2 rebels
-41 dead civilians shown on road afterwards (best estimate)
-Rebels execute (at least) 16 soldiers
-M’Ed shown dead at his bar
-35 dead civilians shown in streets in aftermath
-2 dead soldiers shown as well

Bridge: 11
-1 dead soldier shown lying against wall
-7 dead civilians shown on ground
-Archer shoots 3 rebels

Roadside: 9
-3 dead civilians shown on ground
-Rebels shoot 6 civilians

Woods: 6
-3 dead villagers shown
-Dia and other rebels shoot 3 villagers

Convoy Ambush: 15
-The first truck is blown up by a landmine, killing the driver and gunner
-Corbauld is shot by rebels
-3 rebels are mowed down by a soldier
-Rebels shoot 4 reporters in the bus
-2 dead reporters shown near bus
-2 dead rebels shown on grass
-1 dead civilian shown around hut area

Jungle: 3
-3 dead bodies shown hanging

Town: 23
-23 dead civilians shown lying in the streets

Nightfall: 1
-Archer stabs 1 rebel in the throat

Camp Assault: 65
-South African helicopter blows up 14 rebels with missiles
-The helicopter guns down 9 rebels
-Archer shoots 7 rebels
-Solomon beats Captain Poison to death with a shovel
-South African soldiers mow down 12 rebels
-22 more bodies (best estimate) shown afterwards

“TIA, huh Danny?”: 4
-Archer shoots 2 South African soldiers
-Coetzee shoots Cordell while trying to kill Archer
-Archer shoots Coetzee

Mountain: 5
-Archer shoots 4 soldiers
-Archer dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Coetzee


-During many scenes, it is hard to tell how many people are killed because of the chaotic nature, but I got the best estimates out of the hard to tell scenes.