Action News Round-Up 04/29/2012

Action Movie News Round Up: April 29th, 2012


Starting with box office, Jason Statham’s Safe is expected to take in about $7 million in it’s opening weekend. That’s half of what his films usually do, but April has been pretty bad to our kind of action films which traditionally do better in January/February these days. Not to mention having a far lower theater count than usual, and being released a week before The Avengers, it was never going to light the world on fire. But par the course with Statham, the home video market will prove very lucrative for the film.


Actress Emma Thompson has been spotted on the set of Sly and Arnie’s third (Can you believe that?) collaboration The Tomb sharing a few laughs with Sly. It’s unclear whether she’s actually acting in the film or just stopped by to shoot the shit with Rambo. Head to Zimbio to see the rest.


Vin Diesel has promised to give some Fast Six and Riddick updates on his Facebook.

Staying in the Fast Six realm, The Hollywood Reporter gives word that Gina Carano will be joining the franchise, potentially The Rock’s buddy cop partner. Sounds like it could’ve been the role intended for Jason Statham.

Moving to another ensemble, Mel Gibson has moved from being ‘pursued’ for Machete Kills to ‘serious discussions’. I.E. he’s going to sign on and there’s not much that can prevent it. Robert Rodriguez said he intends to direct it solo, unless it conflicts with shooting of Sin City 2. If they somehow find a way to bring Steven Seagal back, and add Nicolas Cage, Machete Kills will have the greatest cast of all time. Deadline.


After Machete and Sin City 2, Robert Rodriguez will move into adapting Fire and Ice, not a Game of Thrones adaptation, but a remake of Ralph Bakshi’s 1983 animated film. Thanks to THR.

Upcoming Judge Dredd film Dredd has been rated R for strong bloody violence, language, drug use and some sexual content.

Dolph Lundgren’s entry into the upcoming After Dark Action Films division, Stash House has a new trailer and poster courtesy of Badass Digest. The film is about a young couple who buy their dream house, only to find a wall full of heroin and Dolph Lundgren in full Nic Cage mode trying to break in.


Following in the footsteps of Dolph, Scott Adkins’ After Dark effort El Gringo also has a new trailer which can be seen over at Outlaw Vern. The plot description is as follows;

In EL GRINGO, The Man (Adkins) crosses into Mexico with a satchel of $2,000,000, cash, a bloody past, and a plan to live out his remaining days on a beach. Instead, he gets stuck waiting for a bus in El Fronteras, a sleepy desert town that’s so uninviting that — forget about the ocean — he can hardly find a glass of water. Then, word of his money spreads to the El Fronteras underworld. Under sudden attack from corrupt cops, gangsters, and desperados, the Man must push back his retirement plans, lock and load, and save sleepy El Fronteras through a dizzying display of spectacular gunfights.

This looks to easily be the most promising of the After Dark franchise, not to mention Adkins’ best best performance as a non Russian. Maybe they should’ve gone full theatrical?

The new G.I. Joe Retaliation trailer has some more Rock/Bruce Willis awesomeness;

Latino Review have put up a description of the Expendables 2 trailer. Highlights include footage from the showdown between Stallone and Van Damme, Arnold and Bruno in a smart car and Chuck Norris making an epic entrance.

In our final trailer news, film director and all around manly man John Hyams has given indication that we can expect to hear news about the Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning trailer within the next three weeks.


This month’s Empire Magazine will have a huge exclusive on upcoming James Bond epic Skyfall. Including news stills, set visits and interviews.

Ain’t it Cool has a look the filming of A Good Day to Die Hard. It’s some nonsense about a super powered armoured car. It looks like A Good Day to watch Die Hard more like it.

The biggest surprise this week comes from Dark Horizon’s. They’ve come across some amazing work by fans, who’ve taken the cut scenes from the Uncharted video games and edited them together to make feature length films. Check them out.


The Expendables 2 is going to be big. So big that this piece of news comes from all over the GODDAMN INTERNET. Literally. Lionsgate have released 12 character one sheets for the film, all of which can be found in one place at CHUD. This includes the most epic movie poster of all time:



That’s it for this week. Yippie kai yay [s]*gunshot*[/s], [s]Mr. Falcon[/s], mother fucker.