A Dangerous Man (2009) Killcount And Body Count Breakdown

A Dangerous Man (2009)

Starring Steven Seagal

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Seagal kills 12

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A Dangerous Man (2009) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09

(Previously done by Rantbo)

[Character Kills]

Shane Daniels (Steven Seagal): 13
Mao (Byron Lawson): 7
The Colonel (Bryon Mann): 5
Clark (Mike Dopud): 4
Markov (Robin Nielsen): 3
Sgt. Richie (Jerry Wasserman): 2
Vlad (Vitaly Kravchenko): 2
Sergey (Jesse Hutch): 1

[Corpse Breakdown]

Intro: 1
-The car jacker is found dead

Attempted Robbery: 1
-Shane stabs the second robber to death his gun barell

Witnesses: 2
-Mao shoots Markov
-Mao’s henchman shoots the state trooper

Cover-Up: 1
-Ritchie shoots the henchman Shane knocked out

Attack Flashback: 2
-Ritchie shoots 1 witness
-Clark shoots 1 witness

Motel: 3
-Shane re-directs a gunshot from Chinese Henchman #1 to the 2nd
-Shane shoots the 2nd Chinese Henchman
-Chinese Baddies stab the motel manager

Waterfront: 1
-Chinese Guys shoot The Boatman

Betrayal: 5
-The Colonel shoots a prostitute
-Soldiers shoot 2 prostitutes and stab the Chinese Baddie
-Another Chinese Guy is stabbed

Payback: 21
-Mao shoots 1 Russian
-Mao shoots the Russian’s Whore
-Mao shoots 2 more Russian
-Clark shotguns 1 Russian
-A random guy is shot by a stray bullet
-Clark shotguns another Russian
-Markov shoots 2 Chinese Henchmen
-A Russian shoots a Chinese Henchman
-Mao shoots Markov, who in his death spasms shoots another Chinese Henchman
-Mao executes a Russian
-Shane shoots 2 Chinese Henchmen
-Sergey stabs a Chinese Henchman in the gut
-Shane impales Mao in the neck with chopsticks
-Clark shotguns Vlad’s Bodyguard
-Vlad shoots Clark
-Russians execute Sgt. Ritchie
-A random cop is seen dead

Finale: 15
-A Chinese Sniper shoots 1 of Chen’s men
-Shane shoots 2 soldiers
-Soldiers shoot 1 of Chen’s men
-The Colonel shoots 3 of Chen’s henchmen
-The Colonel shoots Chen
-Shane stabs a soldier in the back of the neck
-A Soldier shoots a Russian
-Russians grenade a room, killing 1 soldier in the blast
-Shane flips a soldier into a log cutter and grinds him up
-Vlad and one of his men shoot 1 soldier
-Shane throws a soldier onto a saw blade, decapitating him
-Shane sets The Colonel on fire with his trap and he falls off a high railing to his death

[The Final Tally= 53]