Man On Fire (2004) Bodycount Breakdown by ASHPD24

Man On Fire (2004): Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


John Creasy (Denzel Washington): 13
Samuel Ramos (Marc Anthony): 2
Miguel Manzano (Giancarlo Giannini): 1
Aurelio Sanchez (Gero Camilo): 1


Road: 4*
-Creasy shoots 4 cops

Exchange: 1
-Daniel’s nephew is shot by cops

First Down: 1
-Creasy shoots Jorge and pushes his car off a cliff

The Rave: 2
-Creasy shoots the Guardian “Butcher”
-Creasy shoots the fat Guardian

Kidnapping Fuentes: 5
-Creasy blows up an SUV carrying 4 cops with an RPG
-Creasy shoots Fuentes’ driver

“I wish you had more time!”: 1
-Creasy blows up Victor Fuentes

Pool: 1
-Jordan Kalfus shown dead, killed by Ramos

House: 1
-Ramos shoots himself

Bridge: 1
-Creasy dies from a gunshot wound inflicted by Aurelio

Police Raid: 1
-Miguel shoots Daniel


*While only 3 cops are shown visibly getting killed, Chief Ramirez says in the next scene that 2 uniformed cops were killed. Since only 1 uniformed cop is seen getting killed alongside the 2 plainclothes cops, this means that Creasy killed the cop’s partner during the crossfire offscreen.