A Fistful of Dollars (1964) Bodycount Breakdown

A Fistful of Dollars (1964) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24


Ramon Rojo (Gian Maria Volonté): 43
Joe (Clint Eastwood): 16
Rubio (Benito Stefanelli): 7
Esteban Rojo (Sieghardt Rupp): 4
Silvanito (Jose Calvo): 1
Sheriff John Baxter (Wolfgang Lukschy): 1


“Apologizing”: 4
-Joe shoots 4 mercenaries

Riverside: 38
-Ramon shoots the Mexican captain with a gatling gun
-Ramon mows down 27 Mexican soldiers
-1 soldier shot off his horse by Mexican thugs
-Ramon mows down another soldier
-7 dead American soldiers shown in wagon
-Ramon shoots the last soldier trying to escape in the river

Desert: 3
-Ramon shoots 2 mercenaries
-Baxter shoots 1 Mexican thug

Rescuing Marisol: 5
-Joe shoots 4 Mexican thugs
-Joe throws a machete into 1 thug’s chest

Loft: 2
-Joe crushes Chico and another thug with a large barrel of whiskey

Roadhouse: 36
-Ramon shoots 1 mercenary
-Rubio shoots 1 mercenary
-1 thug shot by a mercenary
-Rubio and Ramon shoot 4 mercenaries
-Esteban shoots 3 mercenaries
-Ramon shoots another mercenary
-Rubio shoots 2 more mercenaries
-2 mercenaries die from being caught on fire by Ramon
-Ramon shoots 1 mercenary, causing him to fall off a balcony
-17 mercenaries shot by Mexican thugs
-Ramon shoots Baxter
-Ramon shoots Antonio
-Esteban shoots Consuela

Town: 6
-Joe shoots Rubio
-Joe shoots Miguel
-Joe shoots 2 thugs
-Joe shoots Ramon
-Silvanito shoots Esteban, causing him to fall off the bar balcony