Keanu Reeves Killcounts

Movies Act Of Vengeance 3 Young Again Flying Teenage Dream Under The Influence The Night Before Permanent Record The Prince Of Pennsylvania Dangerous Liaisons 1 Tune In Tomorrow… Providence Point Break 1 Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey 2 Bram Stoker’s Dracula 5 Speed 1 Johnny Mnemonic 2 Chain Reaction 3 The Devil’s Advocate 1 The … Read moreKeanu Reeves Killcounts

AMB: John Wick (2014)

[THE CHALK-OUTLINE] John Wick (2014): Breakdown by Kain424 After Russian gangsters rob him, steal his car, and kill his dog, former hitman John Wick takes up arms once again for revenge. [THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THEIR BADASSITUDE] THE GOOD GUYS: Keanu Reeves as “Baba Yaga” John Wick Reeves does well for himself here, as … Read moreAMB: John Wick (2014)