Royal Warriors Body Count Breakdown

Royal Warriors [In The Line Of Duty / Wong Ga Jin Si / Police Assassin] (1986) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


HK CID Michelle Yip (Michelle Yeoh) – 1
Officer Michael Wong (Michael Wong) – 2
Interpol Agent Peter Yamamoto (Hiroyuki Sanada) – 3
Harvey Lee / Tiger (Wai-Man Chan) – 14
Bandana / Final avenging gangmember (Ying Bai) – 4
First Brother / Bull (Wai Lam) – 1


Sushi Bar – 1
-Yakuza kills 1 innocent man

Airplane – 5
-Hitman shoots 2 agents
-First Brother shoots 1 innocent man
-Michelle knocks the hitman’s head out of the plane’s window, he gets sucked out and suffocates
-Yamamoto shoots First Brother

Tragedy – 2
-Tiger’s Bomb blows up Yamamoto’s wife and daughter

Chase – 4
-4 car crashes with fatal-looking results, possibly killing their drivers*

Docks – 2
-Weapon dealers accidentally smash 1 of their own to death with a sledgehammer
-Yamamoto knocks 1 dealer against a crate, his neck hits its corner

California Club – 13
-Tiger shoots 12 innocent people
-Yamamoto shoots Tiger

Flashback – 3
-Bandana stab 1 Vietcong
-Bandana blows up 2 Vietcongs with rocket launcher

High Stakes Gamble – 1
-Michael deliberately loosen knot around his ankle and he fell to his death

Graveyard – 1
-Gravedigger’s corpse seen (killed by Bandana off-screen)

Construction Site – 1
-Bandana incinerates himself in a last-ditch attempt to blow up Michelle and Yamamoto


-Michelle beats up several people in the movie.
*At least 12 cars crash during the chase, but not all of them appears lethal enough to kill.