Project S [Supercop 2] (1993) Body Count Breakdown

Project S [Chao Ji Ji Hua / Supercop 2] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Interpol Agent Jessica Yang (Michelle Yeoh) – 1
Yu Rongguang (Feng Cheng) – 4
Roger Davidson (Alain Guernier) – 6
Fan Sui Wong (Kao Shao Lung) – 2
Inspector Li Kuang Ming (Emil Chau) – 2
Po (Sit Chun Wai) – 2
Jun/George (Bowie Lam) – 2


Holdup – 4
-1 employee’s corpse seen in office
-Yang shoots 1 terrorist
-Soldiers shoots 2 terrorists

Robbery – 5
-Robbers shoots 2 cops
-Li shoots 1 robber
-Jun shoots 2 cops

Hideout – 4
-Terrorists shoots 2 cops
-Wong shoots Jun
-Feng snipes 1 cop

Vault – 12
-Feng shoots 1 security guard
-Po shoots 2 security guards
-Terrorists shoots 1 security guard
-Feng shoots 3 security guards
-Beret shoots 1 secuity guard
-Ponytail shoots 1 security guard
-1 employee’s corpse seen
-Lung shoots 1 terrorist
-Lung kicks 1 terrorist off a tall balcony

Double Cross – 4
-Roger shoots Po
-Beret shoot 1 of his own
-Roger shoots Beret
-Roger seals the vault, crushing Quan

Tunnel – 3
-Roger accidentally shoots Ponytail (while trying to shoot Feng)
-Roger blows up himself to damage the resovoir, which floods and drowns Feng


-Yang beats the crap out of Big Yank but given his immense size and strenght he could’ve survived.
-Yang beats up a lot, a lot of bad guys throughout the film.