Once Upon A Time In China IV Body Count Breakdown

Once Upon A Time In China IV [Wong Fei Hung Ji Sei: Wong Je Ji Fung] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Wong Fei-Hung (Chiu Man Cheuk) – 12, 1 shared with Lau Chat
Dai Lik Wong / Strenght (Billy Chow) – 2
Lui (Chin Kar Lok) – 1
Lady Miao (Gao Xian) – 1
Lau Chat / Club Foot (Xiong Xin Xin) – 2, 1 shared with Fei Hung


Prison – 1
-Miao breaks 1 European soldier’s head

Gate / Failed Negotiations – 2
-Lik throws 2 Imperial soldiers to their deaths

Challenge of the Red Lantern Cult – 3
-Fei Hung deflects the cultists’ launched projectiles back upon themselves, killing 3 of them

Fatal Lion Dance – 11
-4 lion dancers scythed
-6 lion dancers slashed
-Officer Gua Er is shot by the turret

Church Assault – 16
-Cultists kills 3 people
-2 people arrowed by cultists
– 2 more corpses seen
-2 people killed by cultists in background
-3 more corpses seen in front of the church
-Miao is killed by Lui’s thugs
-Fei Hong stabs 1 of Lui’s thugs
-Fei Hung kicks 1 of Lui’s thugs into the fire
-Red Lantern Cult High Priestess finished off by Lui

Lion Dance Competition (again) – 6
-Lau Chat causes the phoenix effigy to collapse on 1 of its carriers who is lying unconscious beneath it
-Fei Hung deflects a razor disc into the dragon effigy, killing a minimum of 3 carriers in its front
-Fei Hung causes the turret to misfire and blow up 2 European soldiers

City Gate Fight – 2
-Fei Hung impales Lui with his own sword as Lau Chat stomps him down, pushing the sword all the way down Lui’s gut and killing him. Shared kill
-Lik succumbs to his wounds after being wounded by Fei Hung


-Fei Hung beats the ever-loving crap out of the soldiers in the prison.
-The Red Lantern Cultists blows up a building, but no deaths were shown.
-Possibly more deaths in the church.
-Leung ignites a bundle of firecrackers inside one of the effigies scorching its carriers but none of them dies.
-The dome effigy sets many lion dancers on fire, but none of them are confirmed dead.
-Also, possibly more deaths in the ending lion dance.