Once Upon A Time In China III Body Count Breakdown

Once Upon A Time In China III [Wong Fei Hung Ji Saam: Si Wong Jaang Ba] (1993) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Wong Fei-hung (Jet Li) – 1
Tumanovsky (John Wakefield) – 1
Zhao Tianba (Ge Cunzhuang) – 1


Banquet Trap – 1
-Fei Hung knocks an axe into 1 thug’s chest

Treason – 1
-Tomanovsky kills an informant (seen on Yee’s video)

Dancing Lion Competition – 19
-7 lion dancers are speared
-2 other lion dancers are killed by morning stars
-4 lion dancers hit by darts
-Zhao’s minions kills 5 other lion dancers
-Zhao kills 1 of his own thugs

Failed Assasination – 1
-Tomanovsky is killed by his own men


-Fei Hung splashes a cup of acid on 1 thug in the banquet but he survives.
-Subsequently, Fei Hung beats the living crap out of around 20 of Zhao’s thugs in the same scene.
-Possibly more lion dancers killed in the finale.
-Fei Hung and Lau Chat/Thunder Foot knocks out many people throughout the movie.