Once Upon A Time In China II Body Count Breakdown

Once Upon A Time In China II [Wong Fei Hung II: Nam Yi Dong Ji Keung] (1992) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Wong Fei-Hung (Jet Li) – 6
Commander Lan (Donnie Yen) – 1
Luke Ho-Dung (David Chiang) – 6
Leung Fu (Leung Ka-Yan) – 2


Medical Convention – 3
-Cultists arrows the American doctor
-2 more innocent people arrowed

Night Assault – 3
-3 people killed by cultists seen

Church Massacre – 10
-10 corpses of people killed by cultists seen

The Cultists’ All-out Attack – 26
-6 people killed by cultists seen in hall
-Luke shoots 5 cultists
-Cultists accidentally arows 2 of their own
-Fei Hung spears 2 cultists
-Fei Hung breaks 1 cultists’ neck
-Cultists kills 9 people
-Fei Hung throws a sword into 1 cultist

Lan’s Deception – 1
-Lan breaks British Consulate’s neck

Fall of the White Lotus Cult – 2
-Luke accidentally shoots little cultist girl
-Fei Hung knocks Priest Gao Kung through the air where he lands on an effigy’s hand and was impaled by its finger

Warehouse – 1
-Luk was shot by Lan’s men
-Lung kills 2 of Lan’s men

Escape/Final Fight – 1
-Fei Hung slash Commander Lan’s neck with a wooden splint


-Fei Hung beats the crap out of many, many people, especially the entire White Lotus Cult’s followers in their temple.
-A dalmation is among the many “Forbidden Items” thrown into the fire by the White Lotus Cult.