Once Upon A Time In China V Body Count Breakdown

Once Upon A Time In China V [Wong Fei Hung Chi Neung: Lung Shing Chim Pa] (1994) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Wong Fei-Hung (Chiu Man Cheuk) – 11
Zhang Yu Ling (Jacky Cheung) – 9
Leung Fu (Leung Ka-Yan) – 13
Lam Sai Wing/ Porky Lang (Kent Cheng) – 10
Aunt Yee (Rosamund Kwan) – 3
Bucktooth Tso (Roger Kwok) – 33
Lau Chat / Club Foot (Xiong Xin Xin) – 12
Fei Tin Yun (Lam Kwok Kit) – 3
Ying (Elaine Lui) – 1


Opening – 1
-Ling kills 1 bucaneer

Ah Yee pisses off – 3
-Yee kills 3 pirates (all whom were already subdued earlier by Fei Hung when they try to rob her)

Boat Battle – 28
-Tso shoots 9 pirates
-Tso shoots 10 more pirates while dangling on ropes
-Fei kills 3 of his own
-Leung kills 5 pirates with darts
-Wing breaks 1 pirate’s head

Cove – 31
-Tso shoots 3 pirates
-Leung stabs 1 pirate in the neck
-Wing shoots 9 pirates, all at close range with his dual bore shotgun
-Chat shoots 1 pirate (at least 1 seen shot when he fires wildly at all directions)
-Tso massacres 11 pirates
-Leung kills 3 pirates with darts
-Chat causes a stack of crates to collapse on 2 pirates, crushing them
-Fei Hung knocks Zhang Bao Zhai to the base of his own treasure pile and he gets crushed

Pirates Assault – 6
-6 pirates lands into pitfall trap (they were never seen again)

Breakout – 12
-Pirates kill 2 soldiers
-Ying stabs 1 soldier
-Pirates shoot 1 soldier
-Soldiers kill 2 pirates
-1 person killed offscreen
-Chat shoots 5 pirates

Ling Arrives – 13
-Ling shoots 1 soldier, slashes 2
-1 more off-screen death
-Ling kills 5 soldiers
-Leung kills 4 pirates

Rice Warehouse / Rescue – 17
-Pirates accidentally shoot 1 of their own while trying to shoot Fei Hung
-Fei Hung shoots 3 pirates
-Fei Hung shoots 3 more pirates while sliding
-Fei Hung caps Ying through her eye
-Fei Hung shoots 2 pirates at point blank range
-A pirate cuts Gen’s neck
-Chat shoots 4 pirates
-Senior Official kills 2 pirates

Foxhole / Finale – 1
-Fei Hung knocks cannon into Ling, blowing him into bits


-Fei Hung and his disciples beat the crap out of many people.