Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009) Body Count Breakdown

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (2009) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Demolisher (Voiced by Calvin Wimmer): 62 (All humans)
The Fallen (Voiced by Tony Todd): 29 (28 humans, 1 Transformer)
Megatron (Voiced by Hugo Weaving): 13 (12 humans, 1 Transformer)
Devastator (Voiced by Frank Welker): 7 (Humans)
Mixmaster (N/A): 5 (Humans)
Ravage (N/A): 4 (Humans)
Optimus Prime (Voiced by Peter Cullen): 3 (Transformers)
Jetfire (Voiced by Mark Ryan): 3 (Transformers)
Bumblebee (N/A): 2
Sideswipe (Voiced by André Sogliuzzo): 1 (Transformer)
Reedman (Voiced by Frank Welker): 1 (Transformer)
Mikaela (Megan Fox): 1 (Transformer)


Opening Scene: 2 (Humans)
-The Fallen kills 2 African Tribesmen

Shanghai: 64 (62 humans, 2 Transformers)
-Demolisher crushes 8 soldiers with giant concrete pipes
-Demolisher causes 2 explosions, killing 12 soldiers
-Demolisher causes a helicopter to crash, killing the pilot and copilot, which then crushes 3 soldiers on the ground
-Sideswipe kills Sideways
-Demolisher drives down highway, and smashes a bridge, altogether destroying 37 moving vehicles, each counted as one kill
-Optimus Prime causes Demolisher to crash, and then shoots him in the face

Island Raid: 5 (Humans)
-Reedman slices a soldier in half
-Ravage kills 4 soldiers

Under the Sea: 9 (8 humans, 1 Transformer)
-Decepticons kill one of their own for parts for Megatron
-Megatron sinks a submarine when he emerges from the water, killing at least 8 people, who are seen in the sub before the attack.

College Campus: 1 (Transformer)
-Mikaela kills Alice, the human decepticon

Forest Fight: 2 (Transformers)
-Optimus kills Grindor
-Megaton kills Optimus Prime

Decepticons Mobilize: 70 (Humans)
-Aircraft carrier sinks, killing at least 40 people on board
-19 people killed by Decepticons in the Paris streets
-11 more people are seen on the sinking aircraft carrier

Flashback: 17 (15 Transformers, 2 humans)
-The Fallen kills 2 humans
-10 ancient transformers killed in the battle shown
-The fallen kills a prime
-The four remaining primes kill themselves

Final Showdown: 80 (60 humans, 20 Transformers)
-22 soldiers shown throughout the battle being shot or blown up
-Devastator kills 7 civilians
-Bumblebee kills Rampage and rips Ravage’s spine out
-Megatron shoots down a helicopter, killing the pilot and copilot
-4 Decepticons killed throughout the battle by soldiers and Autobots
-Arcee and another Autobot are blown up by Decepticons
-Devastator blown up by rail gun
-Mixmaster kills 5 soldiers
-Jetfire kills Mixmaster and Scorponok
-Airstrike kills 7 decepticons
-The Fallen kills 4 soldiers
-Jetfire kills himself
-The Fallen kills 19 soldiers by detroying various Tanks and trucks
-The Fallen blows up a jet, killing it’s pilot
-Optimus Prime kills the Fallen


A submarine is sunk, an aircraft carrier is sunk, and most of Paris is destroyed, adding up to about 7,000 additional kills. Appliance robots, insecticons and decepticon hatchling not counted as kills

[THE FINAL TALLY= 250] (209 humans, 41 Transformers)