Transformers (2007) Body Count Breakdown

Transformers (2007) Body Count Breakdown by Rorschach94


Blackout (N/A): 144 (All humans)
Megatron (Voiced by Hugo Weaving): 24 (22 humans, 2 Transformers)
Starscream (Voiced by Charles Adler): 6 (All humans)
Scorponok (N/A): 6 (All humans)
Frenzy (Voiced by Reno Wilson): 5 (4 humans, 1 Transformer)
Bonecrusher (Voiced by Jim Wood): 3 (Humans)
Brawl (N/A): 2 (Humans)
Optimus Prime (Voiced by Peter Cullen): 1 (Transformer)
Bumblebee (Voiced by Mark Ryan): 1 (Transformer)
Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBoeuf): 1 (Transformer)
Captain Lennox (Josh Duhamel): 1 (Transformer)
Mountain Dew Robot (N/A): 1 (Human)


Base Attack: 140 (Humans)
-Blackout shoots 15 soldiers
-Blackouts shockwaves kill 99 soldiers
-Blackout kills 26 more soldiers throughout the battle

Air Force One: 3 (Humans)
-Frenzy kills 3 secret service agents

Qatar: 6 (Humans)
-Scorponok impales 1 soldier
-Scorponok shoots 4 villagers and a soldier

Cybertron War: 16 (Transformers)

-Megatron kills 1 Autobot
-At least 15 transformer corpses shown on Cybertron

Megatron Awakens: 17 (Humans)
-Frenzy kills 2 dam workers
-Megatron kills 15 dam workers

Highway: 4 (4 humans, 1 Transformer)
-Bonecrusher crushes 2 moving cars, counted as kills
-Bonecrusher smashes through a bus, killing the driver
-Optimus kills Bonecrusher

Hoover Dam Fight: 1 (Transformer)
-Frenzy accidentally kills himself

Final Battle: 20 (16 humans, 4 Transformers)
-Two Sector Seven agents are killed by Brawl
-Megatron kills Jazz
-Mountain Dew machine comes alive and kills a civilian
-Steering wheel comes alive and kills a civilian
-Megatron destroys a moving car, counted as a kill
-Bumblebee kills Brawl
-Starscream blows up a helicopter, killing 3 soldiers
-Megatron kills another innocent civilian
-Blackout kills 4 soldiers
-Blackout killed by the combination of Captain Lennox and the air strike
-Starscream destroys 3 jets, killing their pilots
-Sam Witwicky kills Megatron


-Hundreds more implied in the opening attack on the Qatar base, dozens more in the finale killed in destroyed buildings and cars and such. Also, in the town attacked by Scorponok, more soldiers are seen entering than leaving, but only 2 are shown being killed.
-Didn’t count the Cell Phone Robot as a kill

[THE FINAL TALLY= 207] (185 humans, 22 Transformers)