The Rock (1996) BodyCount Breakdown

The Rock (1996) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by Rutledal)


John Mason (Sean Connery): 7
Captain Darrow (Tony Todd): 5
Agent Stanley Goodspeed (Nicolas Cage): 3
Captain Frye (Gregory Sporleder): 3
Gunnery Sergeant Crisp (Bokeem Woodbine): 2
General Frank Hummel (Ed Harris): 1


Stealing the VX: 1
-1 Marine is killed from exposure to the VX nerve gas

Shower Gunfight: 10
-8 Navy SEALs are killed by the Marines in the crossfire, at least 2 of which are also shot by Darrow, and another 2 are shot by Crisp
-Captain Darrow finishes off Anderson
-Captain Frye shoots Shep

“You must never hesitate”: 2
-Mason throws a knife into Starling’s throat
-Mason shoots an air conditioner and it falls on Gamble and crushes him

Mine Shaft: 3
-Mason sets Hendrix on fire and then drops him into the water where he burns to death
-Mason knocks Rojas off his cart and he falls and breaks his neck on a rocky waterfall
-Goodspeed shoots 1 Marine

Reuniting: 1
-Mason breaks 1 Marine’s neck

Mexican Standoff: 3
-Hummel shoots Crisp
-Darrow and Frye shoot Baxter and Hummel

“You’re the rocket man!”: 2
-Goodspeed launches Darrow out of the lighthouse with a missile and he is impaled on a pole
-Mason pushes McCoy off a roof

“Abort! Abort!”: 2
-Mason wraps a chain around Cox’s neck and then drops the end of it down a shaft, causing Cox to choke to death
-Goodspeed force feeds a ball of nerve gas into Frye’s mouth and breaks it open, causing Frye to choke and die from exposure