Black Point (2002) Body Count Breakdown

Black Point (2002) Body Count Breakdown by ArnoldVoslooT800


Gus Travis (Thomas Ian Griffith): 4
John Hawkins (David Caruso): 2
Natalie Travis (Susan Haskell): 2


Log Cabin Surprise: 2
-Gus accidentally shoots one of his own henchmen after Hawkins pushes that guy really close to him (counted as a shared kill in this case)
-Natalie shoots the other henchman

Betrayal: 3
-Gus shoots Malcolm in the head (off-screen with the body shown later) and blasts his two bodyguards to death causing them to both fly across the room in opposite directions

Forest Suspense: 1
-Hawkins leaves a bear trap open for a guy (while this man isn’t shown directly as dead, he isn’t seen afterwards & lost quite a lot of blood since he put his hand in there so I’ll make an exception to this)

“Happy” Ending: 1
-Natalie stabs Gus in the back with a pair scissors as he’s about to stab Hawkins


Hawkins knocks out Gus in the first scene mentioned in the breakdown as well as another guy in the forest.

Standing Bear is brutally beaten by Gus’s men earlier in the film but is shown as alive & well in the forest encounter.

Malcolm and his henchman are shown torturing some people who have failed them but while they probably didn’t meet a good fate, it’s neither heavily implied that they’re about to die nor is it shown as an off-screen death so it’s listed as unconfirmed.

Hawkins intentionally rear-rams the detective’s car into the lake but since the officer’s clearly not in it, it’s nothing more than damaged federal property