The Point Men (2001) Bodycount Breakdown

The Point Men (2001) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Tony Eckhardt (Christopher Lambert): 8
Amar Kamil (Vincent Regan): 8
Peter Hauser (Nicolas de Pruyssenare): 2
Horst (Cal Macaninch): 1


Assassination Attempt: 2
-Assassins shoot Rainer
-Tony shoots 1 assassin

Chase: 2
-Peter cuts off the assassin car and it lands near the train tracks and hit by an incoming train, killing the assassin and his driver

Hospital Room: 2
-Amar shoots Dr. Engels
-Amar shoots Petra, the nurse

Store: 2
-Amar shoots Zivkia
-Amar shoots the clerk

“Die!”: 1
-Amar causes Peter to crash into a big-rig, killing him instantly

Park: 3
-Tony shoots a female assassin
-Tony shoots the sec ond assassin
-Tony stabs the third assassin in the throat

Car: 1
-Horst shoots the last assassin with his own gun

Hotel: 2
-Francine’s dead body is shown, killed by Amar off-screen
-Amar’s door bomb blows up Horst

Bushes: 1
-Amar stabs Nabil and he dies in the hospital later on

Catching Up To Amar: 3
-Tony shoots 1 terrorist off his motorcycle
-Tony headshots the driver
-Tony shoots another terrorist

“Don’t Make Me Do It”: 1
-Tony shoots Amar