One Man’s Justice [One Tough Bastard] (1996) Body Count Breakdown

One Man’s Justice [One Tough Bastard] (1996) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Karl Salvak (Bruce Payne): 10
Sgt. John North (Brian Bosworth): 6
Marcus (Jeff Kober): 6
Dexter Kane (MC Hammer): 1


Parking Lot: 1
-Marcus shoots the soldier giving him the weapons

Tragedy: 4
-Marcus shoots Hank, the store clerk
-Marcus shoots Darlene North
-John shoots 1 henchman with another’s gun
-John shoots the other henchman

Gun Sale: 5
-Karl shotguns an innocent man in the hallway
-Karl shotguns the first gun seller on the floor
-Karl shotguns the teenage gun seller
-Karl shotguns the 3rd gun seller in the head
-Karl shotguns the last gun seller

Hospital: 1
-Marribeth North dies of her wounds inflicted by Marcus

Streets: 1
-A teen drug dealer shoots Ricky

Delivering A Message/Tattoo Parlor: 2
-John kicks a henchman out the store window, possibly killing him (the way he kicked him and the way he fell out looked pretty fatal and he is not shown getting up)
-John breaks a henchman’s arm, causing his neck to break as well (I looked at the guy’s facial expression and it is a clear indication that his neck was in fact broken)

Warehouse: 1
-John breaks a henchman’s neck

Interrogating: 1
-Karl burns an informant with gas in his car and he dies in the ensuing explosion

“What The Fuck You Looking At?!”: 1
-Marcus shoots a henchman who looked at him off-screen

Car: 1
-Karl and another henchman shoot Luther Kane to death

Grief Process: 1
-Dexter shoots 1 of his own henchmen

Blanks: 6
-Karl shoots 1 of Kane’s main henchman
-Cops gun down 5 of Kane’s henchmen

“Changed My Mind”: 1
-Marcus shoots Kane’s bodyguard

Under Arrest: 1
-Karl shoots Dexter

Being Reliable: 1
-Karl shoots Marcus

Karl vs John: 1
-John dick-punches Karl off the roof to his death