The New Option (2002) Body Count Breakdown

The New Option [Fei Fu Hung Si] (2002) Body Count Breakdown by luvmetender009


Captain Michael “Stone” Wong (Michael Wong) – 2 kills
Jackie Law (Sean Yu Man Lok) – 3 kills
Huang (Patrick Tam) – 1 kill


Docks – 1
-Lucky Seven is killed offscreen by thugs

News Report – 1
-Chan is seen dead in news footage, killed offscreen

Standoff – 2
-Thugs kills 1 of their own
-Jackie shoots the sniper thug

Forest – 3
-Cops shoot 1 thug
-Stone shoots 1 thug
-Huang shoots 1 traffic cop

Escape – 2
-Jackie shoots the gas tank of Huang’s car, blowing up Huang and his brother

You’ll never win/Last Standoff – 2
-Cops shoot 1 thug
-Stone shoots last thug