The Condemned (2007) Body Count Breakdown

The Condemned (2007) Body Count Breakdown by Gregglop09


Ewan McStarley (Vinnie Jones): 11
Jack Conrad/Riley (Steve Austin): 7
Petr Raudsep (Nathan Jones): 3
Yasantwa (Emelia Burns): 3
Baxter (Luke Pegler): 1


Russia: 3
-Petr strangles a prisoner to death while looking at another inmate
-Petr breaks a prisoner’s neck
-Petr beats the last prisoner to death

Helicopter Ride: 1
-A crew member throws Dominic (The Italian) out of the helicopter, where he gets impaled
on a spike

First Blood: 1
-Yasantwa stabs The German in the neck and pulls his explosive tag, blowing him to pieces

Jack vs Petr: 1
-Jack knocks Petr off a cliff and he blows up after his tag comes off while fighting with Jack

“That’s an Angry Bitch”: 1
-McStarley pulls Rosa’s tag and blows her up

Tricks: 1
Yasantwa pulls Mackie’s tag, blowing him and the plane to pieces

“He’s Had Enough!”: 1
-McStarley sets Paco on fire, burning him to death

Bunker: 1
-Yasantwa commits suicide by pulling her tag and getting blown up with the bunker

Communication: 1
-Jack chokes a guard to death

Woods: 2
-McStarley shotguns 2 cameramen

“Let’s Dance, Sweetheart”: 1
-Jack stabs Siaga in the chest with his own knife

Betrayal: 1
-Baxter slashes Goldman’s throat

“Where’s My Money?!”: 2
-McStarley slits a guard’s throat
-McStarley stabs another guard

Rampage: 4
-McStarley shoots Bella
-McStarley shoots the 2 techs next to Eddie
-McStarley guns down 1 more tech

“Found Him”: 1
-Jack shoots Baxter with his own gun

“Do You Enjoy Watching All This?”: 1
-McStarley guns down Eddie

“Too Bad It’s Over”: 1
-Jack shoots McStarley

Attempted Escape: 2
-Jack shoots Breckel’s pilot
-Jack throws his explosive tag into the helicopter and it blows up, killing Breckel