Predator (1987): Body Count Breakdown

Predator (1987) Body Count Breakdown by ASHPD24

(previously done by BodyCountMan)


Maj. Alan “Dutch” Schaefer (Arnold Schwarzenegger): 34
The Predator (Kevin Peter Hall): 11
Jorge “Poncho” Ramirez (Richard Chaves): 9
George Dillon (Carl Weathers): 7
Blain Cooper (Jesse Ventura): 7
Billy Sole (Sonny Landham): 6
Mac Eliot (Bill Duke): 2
Rick Hawkins (Shane Black): 2
Russian Advisor (Sven-Ole Thorsen): 1


Helicopter: 1
The pilot found dead inside the cockpit, killed by the guerillas

Jungle: 4
Jim Hopper and 3 other American soldiers shown skinned, killed by the Predator

Camp: 72
Russian Advisor shoots a hostage
Billy breaks 1 guerilla’s neck
Mac stabs 1 guerilla in the throat
Blain stabs 1 guerilla
Dutch sets a C4 charge on a truck and then sends it into a hut, blowing up the 9 guerillas inside
Dutch blows up 7 guerillas with a grenade
Dutch blows up 1 guerilla with his grenade launcher
2 additional guerillas shown set on fire by Dutch’s explosion
Poncho blows up 1 guerilla with a grenade launcher
Dutch shoots 2 guerillas
2 guerillas killed by explosive concussion
Poncho blows up 3 guerillas with his grenade launcher
Blain mows down 2 guerillas with a minigun
Dillon shoots 1 guerilla on fire
Dutch and Dillon both shoot 2 guerillas
Mac shoots 1 guerilla
Dillon shoots 2 guerillas
Dillon shoots 2 guerillas in a helicopter and Dutch blows them up with his grenade launcher
Poncho and Hawkins both shoot 2 guerillas
Poncho blows up 2 guerillas with his grenade launcher and sends them flying into the water
2 guerillas shot by unidentified team members
1 dead guerilla shown lying on the ground
Dutch shoots 4 guerillas
Blain blows up 1 guerilla using his minigun and sends him flying to the ground
Billy blows up 3 guerillas with a grenade
Billy sets 1 guerilla on fire
Billy shoots 1 guerilla
Dutch shoots 1 guerilla
Blain mows down 3 guerillas
1 dead guerilla seen laying on flower bags
Dutch shoots 1 guerilla
Dutch throws a knife into 1 guerilla
Dutch shoots the Russian advisor and causes him to fall into the jungle
Dutch shoots 1 guerilla
4 dead guerillas shown lying near water
Poncho blows up 1 dug in guerilla with his grenade launcher

The Hunt: 6
Predator cuts up Hawkins
Predator blows a hole through Blain’s chest
Predator blows a hole through Mac’s head
Predator impales Dillon
Predator kills Billy offscreen (we hear him scream)
Predator shoots Poncho

“What the hell are you?”: 1

Predator blows himself up


-Mac tells Dutch that the other hostage is dead too, but he’s not shown.