Predator 2 (1990): Body Count Breakdown

Predator 2 (1990): Body Count by gregglop09

(previously done by BodyCountMan)


The Predator (Kevin Peter Hall): 26
Lt. Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover): 6
El Scorpio (Henry Kingi): 5
Leona Cantrell (Maria Conchita Alonzo): 1
Gold Tooth (Michael Mark Edmondson): 1


War Zone: 9
-1 dead cop is seen lying in the street
-El Scorpio and 1 of his gang members machine gun 1 cop
-Scorpios shoot 1 cop
-El Scorpio blows up a cop car with a grenade launcher, killing 2 SWAT officers nearby
-El Scorpio machine guns 1 cop
-1 dead cop is seen getting put into an ambulence
-Leona shoots 1 Scorpio
-Scorpios machine gun 1 cop

“Hey, Assholes!”: 5
-Harrigan shoots 4 Scorpios in a row with a shotgun
-El Scorpio machine guns 1 cop in the hallway of the building

Rooftop: 1
-El Scorpio fires wildly at the Predator and Harrigan shoots him multiple times and he falls off the roof to his death

Building Crime Scene: 5

-5 Scorpios are seen cut to pieces, courtesy of the Predator

Vega’s Place: 10
-Gold Tooth’s thugs execute 2 of Vega’s security guards
-Gold Tooth kills Ramon Vega
-The Predator shoots 1 Jamaican through the chest with his shoulder cannon
-The Predator shoots a net at 1 Jamaican and it pins him to the wall and his friends mow him down (shared)
-The Predator shoots a claw at a Jamaican’s head
-The Predator kills 1 Jamaican with his wrist blades
-The Predator kills 1 Jamaican with a spear
-The Predator kills Gold Tooth
-The Predator kills Danny

Alley: 1
-The Predator kills King Willie

Train: 9

-The Predator stabs 1 gangster with his wrist blades
-The Predator breaks 1 gangster’s neck
-The Predator kills 2 more gangsters
-Cops accidentally shoot 1 civilian
-The Predator kills the 2 cops and 1 civilian
-The Predator kills Jerry

“He’s Right There!”: 4
-The Predator kills 3 mercenaries with a spear
-The Predator shoots the last mercenary through the chest with his shoulder cannon

“Go Now!”: 1
-The Predator slices Keyes in half with his throwing blade

Final Showdown: 1

-Harrigan kills The Predator with his own throwing blade