Sucker Punch (2011) [Extended Cut] Bodycount Breakdown

Sucker Punch (2011) Extended Cut Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


Blondie (Vanessa Hudgens): 105
Rocket (Jenna Malone): 65
Babydoll (Emily Browning): 62
Sweet Pea (Abbie Cornish): 57
The Wise Man (Scott Glenn): 44
Amber (Jamie Chung): 20
Blue Jones (Oscar Issac): 2
The Cook (Malcolm Scott): 1


Fighting Back: 1
-Babydoll accidentally shoots her sister

First Dream: 3
-Babydoll shoots 2 Demonic Swordsmen
-Babydoll cuts down 1 Demonic Swordsmen

“They’re Already Dead”: 3
-Wise Man shoots 2 German Zombies with a sniper rifle
-1 German biplane crashes and explodes, killing the pilot

Frontlines: 161
-Amber (in her robot suit) blows up 10 German Zombies
-Amber shoots down 3 German biplanes, killing the pilots
-Babydoll shoots down 1 German biplane, killing the pilot
-Amber shoots down 5 German biplanes, killing their pilots
-Blondie mows down 76 German Zombies with her M60
-9 dead German Zombies are seen dead (not killed by any of the girls)
-Rocket shoots 1 German Zombie
-Rocket tosses a grenade at 3 German Zombies, blowing them up
-Sweet Pea shoots 1 German Zombie
-Babydoll cuts down 3 German Zombies with her sword
-Sweet Pea shoots 1 German Zombie
-Blondie shoots 1 German Zombie
-Blondie kills 2 German Zombies bare handed
-Bondie kills 3 German Zombies with her hatchet
-Blondie throws her hatchet into 1 German Zombie
-1 dead German Zombie is seen
-Rocket shoots 5 German Zombies
-Babydoll cuts down 6 German Zombies
-Sweet Pea shoots 5 German Zombies
-Sweet Pea kills 1 German Zombie by pressing her rifle against his throat
-Rocket kills 2 German Zombies bare handed
-Rocket stabs 1 German Zombie with her combat knife
-Rocket kills 5 more German Zombies with the same knife
-Sweet Pea mows down 1 German Zombie
-A German Zombie stabs his comrade and Sweet Pea finishes him
-Sweet Pea throws 1 German Zombie into the wall, killing him
-Sweet Pea shoots 2 German Zombies
-Rocket shoots 1 German Zombie with her sawn-off shotgun
-Rocket stabs 1 German Zombie
-Sweet Pea guns down 8 German Zombies pointing guns at Rocket

The Map: 8
-Babydoll cuts down 1 German Zombie
-Blondie shoots 1 German Zombie
-Babydoll cuts down 2 German Zombies
-Sweet Pea smacks a German Zombie in the face, Blondie stabs him and Rocket finishes him (all 3 shared)
-Babydoll cuts down 3 more German Zombies

Escape: 31
-Babydoll shoots 5 German Zombies with her pistol
-Babydoll cuts down 1 German Zombie
-Babydoll shoots 2 more German Zombies
-Babydoll cuts down 1 German Zombie
-Babydoll shoots down the blimp, killing 6 German Zombies (3 on both sides)
-Amber crushes the German Commander
-Sweet Pea, Blondie and Rocket mow down 16 German Zombies (all 3 shared since they were all shooting at the same time)

Kill The Dragon: 97
-The Wise Man drops a propane tank onto the Orcs, blowing at least 42 of them up (the bodies are shown)
-Babydoll shoots 6 Orcs
-Rocket shoots 4 Orcs
-Sweet Pea shoots 3 Orcs
-Babydoll cuts down 2 Orcs
-Rocket cuts down 2 orcs
-Sweet Pea cuts down 1 Orc
-Sweet Pea and Rocket cut down 1 Orc at the same time
-Rocket cuts down 6 Orcs
-Babydoll cuts down 3 Orcs
-Sweet Pea cuts down 3 Orcs
-8 Knights are seen dead in a huge pile
-Babydoll cuts down 4 Orcs and decapitates 1 more
-Sweet Pea cuts down 6 Orcs
-Rocket cuts down 5 Orcs

The Castle: 9
-Sweet Pea shoots 3 Orcs
-Blondie mows down 5 Orcs
-Amber shoots 1 Orc in the head, causing him to be shredded up by the plane blades

The Dragon: 50
-The Dragon breathes fire on 25 Knights
-The Dragon causes the bridge to collapse, causing 25 Knights to fall off to their deaths

Killing The Dragon: 20
-Rocket shoots 12 Knights
-Sweet Pea shoots 4 Knights
-Babydoll shoots 2 Knights and cuts down 2 more

Train: 1
-Sweet Pea is blown up by the robots (imagined)

Kitchen: 1
-The Cook stabs Rocket

“I Hate Snitches”: 2

-Blue shoots Amber in the back of the head
-Blue shoots Blondie in the stomach

Rape Attempt: 1
-Babydoll stabs Blue


-Babydoll slits the baby dragon’s throat but since it is an animal, it is not counted
-Many robots are destroyed by the girls but since they are not human, they are not counted
-Babydoll also kills the mother dragon

[THE FINAL TALLY= 388] (6 real, 382 imagined)