Super (2010) Bodycount Breakdown

Super (2010): Body Count by Rorschach94


Frank D’Arbo/Crimson Bolt (Rainn Wilson): 12
Libby/Boltie (Ellen Page): 2
Jacques (Kevin Bacon): 2
Abe (Michael Rooker): 1


“Hello, Frank”: 1
-Abe and two other of Jacques’ henchmen shoot Detective Felkner

Street Chase: 1
-Frank shoots one of Jacques’ men

Ranch: 16
-Libby kills one of Jacques henchmen with her “Wolverine” claws
-Frank sets a guy on fire and stabs him to death
-Libby blows up a henchman with a pipe bomb
-One of Jacques’ men shoots Libby in the face
-Frank blows up 3 henchmen
-Frank shoots 4 more henchmen
-Jacques shoots Mr. Range and one of his men
-Frank shoots another henchman
-Frank beats Abe to death
-Frank stabs Jacques to death


-The man who Libby hits with a car is never shown dying onscreen, though the hit was probably fatal
-Frank shoots 3 guys in the ranch shootout who are lying on the ground, but it’s never made clear whether they are the three guys from the initial explosion, or they were knocked down by another one
-Frank and Libby beat several people mercilessly, but they all survive