Snake Eater (1989) Bodycount Breakdown

SnakeEater (1989) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09

(Previously done by H8r3d)


Jack Kelly/Soldier (Lorenzo Lamas): 7
Junior (Robert Scott): 3
Slim (Barry Minshell): 1
Jennifer (Cheryl Jeans): 1


The Swamp Ambush : 2
-Junior kills Mr. and Mrs. Kelly

The Night Hunt : 2
-Junior mauls King to death with his bear costume
-Soldier’s bear trap kills Clyde

Starvation : 1
-Slim accidentally stabs himself after failing to rape Kid

Payback Part 1 : 1
-Soldier’s boat bomb blows up Eli

Payback part 2 : 6
-Jennifer stabs Sissy to death
-Soldier machine guns Uncle Joe
-Soldier machine guns 1 son
-Soldier machine guns another guy
-Soldier shoots Jesse
-Soldier pins Junior to the ground, causing him to be run over by a tractor