Out For Blood (1992) Bodycount Breakdown

Out For Blood (1992) Body Count Breakdown by gregglop09


John Decker (Don “The Dragon” Wilson): 16
Dr. McConnell (Ron Steelman): 2
Detective Hubbel (Beau Billingslea): 1
Rick (Todd Curtis): 1
Blade (Ken McLeod): 1


Rooftop: 3
-John shoots a thug with another’s gun
-John breaks a thug’s neck three times
-John kicks the last thug off the roof to his death

Porch: 1
-John kicks the “Boxing Guy” in the throat, killing him

Bar: 1
-John kills a thug by smashing a beer bottle over his head

Warehouse: 1
-Rick’s thugs kill Bubba off-screen

Train Yard: 5
-John shoots 4 thugs
-Rick shoots Sal

Flashback Reveal: 1
-Blade slits John’s Wife’s throat

Drug Lab: 6
-John shoots 3 thugs
-John karate chops one of the thugs in the throat, killing him
-The thug John shot earlier drops the fluid, causing it to ignite the drugs and blow up the lab, setting 2 thugs on fire, killing them (John’s kills)

Blade vs John: 1
-John stabs Blade with his own knife

“Karate Man, I’ll See You In Hell”: 1
-Hubbel shoots Rick

Final Chase: 2
-Mac crashes his biplane into some explosive barrels, killing himself and the pilot